Town and County Announces Opening of Specialty Wine Store, "The Reserve"

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SPRINGFIELD, MO—Town and County Inc, is renovating it’s 9,800-foot location in the Brentwood Center for the addition of a specialty wine store called The Reserve at Town and County. The upscale clothing retailer will offer curated wines from around the world in addition to its selection of fine menswear and merchandise. 

Owner Bob Lowe says, “Good wine is one of my life’s greatest passions.  It’s been a dream for a long time to open a wine store. Why not combine good wine and luxury clothing? We have always put a huge emphasis on experiential shopping, and The Reserve provides the opportunity for us to give our customers a unique experience every time they walk through our doors.” 

Lowe’s 10-year-old daughter, Emma, inspired logo design for The Reserve, which features a wine bottle wearing a necktie - combining both the menswear aspect of Town and County with the new wine store venture.  Lowe says, “My daughter is very creative, and I’m not sure where she gets it from, but the logo was her idea, and we love it.”

The Reserve will officially open to the public early this fall with an exclusive selection of fine wine, hand picked by Lowe, who is also Certified Sommelier and Store Manager, Ben Killingsworth. “We have a selection of wines that you can’t find anywhere else in the Country,” Lowe explains. “The Reserve is really the result of years and years of exploring wine”.

While under construction, Town and County Clothing has temporarily moved a few doors down in The Brentwood Center to a space formerly occupied by retailer, Lululemon. Hours of operation remain the same and although the store is making room for wine, they plan to continue expanding their menswear selection with premium brands like Peter Millar, Martin Dingman, and Vuori. 

Town and County has been locally owned and operated since 1957, dedicated to providing customers with outstanding service and quality goods. 


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  • I wanted monogrammed Irish linen pocket handkerchiefs for my son’s graduation. Nobody had anything. I should have known to stop at T&C first. So I got a set for myself, too. Thx, guys.

    Steel on
  • Happy New Year from Hawaii. Just saw this announcement. You will do well with wine shop. Will tell Travis as he collects wine. Do you mail? Scott is into Meade there is only one Meade producer on island. We are fine. Enjoying warm weather.

    Tim and Joyce Wilson on
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    Brianna on
  • Congrats. Loòking forward to thè first tastìng.

    Ken Herfkens on
  • Congrats. Loòking forward to thè first tastìng.

    Ken Herfkens on

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